Have you ever wondered why is Superlife special or why both the rich and the poor partner with Superlife World or why both the sick and healthy people take Superlife World products or even both busy and free people do Superlife?
Well if your answer now yes, here are some few reasons for you:It’s easy to and comfortable to do.
You don’t buy to sell before you earn, we simply connect people to directly buy from Superlife World.Then we get rewarded for doing so with huge bonuses paid in our bank accounts

1. It’s easy to and comfortable to do.
You don’t buy to sell before you earn, we simply connect people to directly buy from Superlife World.Then we get rewarded for doing so with huge bonuses paid in our bank accounts

2. Superlife World pays daily, weekly and monthly or at any other payment frequency you want.
With Superlife you set the frequency of your payment,this means you are the determinant of how much you earn. Simply put it this way ‘ with Superlife World you are your own boss!’.

3. The Superlife World exchange rate is always above your local exchange rate allowing you to earn much more. For example in Ghana the exchange rate is 5.5 per dollar, meaning you are paid more than the normal exchange rate of Ghana…. amazing. Superlife has the highest payout exchange rates in every country it operates.

4. In Superlife there are no monthly auto-ships or maintanance or flushing out of points

5. The money or profit made by Superlife is made from Superlife through either people you introduced to Superlife or the people introduced by the ones you introduced or people introduced by the one who brought you in ( your uplines). In summary it is their effort plus your effort (uplines and downlines) that make you achieve ranks in Superlife World

Now are you wondering what Superlife World is offering the world?
Here you go; Superlife brings two amazing offers to the table:

1: An amazing and unique health product ( the STC 30) which is causing waves in the field of health and wellness.
The STC 30 is the best immune system booster you can ever find now!
The product STC 30 also helps overcome various health challenges with several testimonies on various health conditions around the world

2: A powerful business aspect with the best compasation plan in the multi-level marketing industry

FREE ADVICE: if you are too rich to take care of your health, note that sickness is not a slave to wealth unless you spend on your health
And if you think you are too poor to spend on your health, note that poverty is not a cure for sickness and wealth creation can be done in good health.

Health is wealth take care of your health at all times!


¶ Is it enough to cover your bills and leave you with surplus to invest and save?
¶ Do you have a fall back position if your contract is terminated for whatever reason?
¶ Do you have enough savings and investments for your family should you drop dead now?

If your answer to the questions above is in th negative, there’s need for some serious thinking and working, and in particular developing multiple streams of income. A salary and a job can be a set up for poverty soon after working. If your salary is not enough to pay your bills, leaving you with insufficient amount to save, prepare for poverty after you stop work.

I have an opportunity that can be your rescue package.

Let’s look at part one of one of the reliable streams of income that you can take up to rescue yourself out the sad situation you are facing….

Because of the global financial crisis, demand for most goods and services has fallen. Therefore, many companies are scaling down operations, slowing down or retrenching altogether after total collapse or to avoid such.

As a result, most people are losing their jobs. The rate of unemployment is the world is higher than ever before.

There is no such thing as job security, yet people spend their lives in search of job security.

Anyone who controls any part of your time can always release you from it. Therefore, you must be very careful of falling into such temptations and look for alternative sources of income, before disaster strikes!

You really need to consider it either as a full time business, part time activity, mutliple income source or back up plan to your current stream of income.

Despite this, there is one industry that is still recruiting and empowering people on a daily basis; network marketing industry.

Let’s look deeper into it.

1. What is Network Marketing?

To begin with, network marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home.

A network marketing business may require you to build a network of business partners or salespeople to assist with lead generation and closing sales.

Examples of global network marketing companies you may have heard of include; Avon, Longrich, SuperLife, Tupperware, among others

2. Why Network Marketing?

Some of the reasons why I joined network marketing through SuperLife World are listed below:

  1. The initial investment is low compared to traditional business.

Fact is, no salary is enough for sustaining your livelihood. You need a business to be able to get the money to fund your dreams.

Sadly, most businesses require large capital outlays to start. Network marketing is an exception.

With a low startup cost of as little as $70 you can join SuperLife as a Starter package and start building your network.

1: There is no limit to your earning potential.

Your ability to close product sales and recruit downlines determines how much you earn. You literally write your own cheque

2: The system is already created for you.

The product is readily available for you to distribute, no headache about where to source ingredients etc.

All the logistics are in place for you. From production right down to distribution, through payment of import duties and transportation, everything is done by the company.

In simple terms, you are starting a business that’s already running and set, rather than starting your own small shop.

3:You can start with almost no skills, and learn as you grow.

The support system is already there for you. SuperLife conducts free business trainings and health presentations which can equip members with knowledge and skills.

4: You have the flexibility to work in your own time

SuperLife network marketing is a home based business, you can work online, you are at liberty to choose to work on a part time or full time basis.

5: Daily earnings

Yes, you have the potential to earn on a daily basis, writing your own paycheck. You will no longer have to worry about your salary being inadequate or when your next pay date is!Time freedom

6: Time freedom

Besides the real prospect if you living the life of your dreams, network marketing allows you to have some time to be with the ones you love.

Most of us DO NOT have time to spare, we are governed by the schedules given to us by our employers. Network marketing enables you to live life on your terms, and there is nothing as priceless as freedom to do what you want when you want, with who you want.

If you really want time freedom, this opportunity is for you!

The list is endless!!!

3. Who qualifies to be a SuperLife network marketer?

Anyone above 18 years is eligible to become part of this network marketing business. We have distributors from all walks of life who partner with us either on a part time or full time basis.

We also partner with people who say;I am educated but I can’t find a job

I am educated but I can’t find a job

I want to do an online business

I am looking for an extra source of income

I am very ambitious and I want to achieve financial freedom

I am employed but my salary is not enough

Joining SuperLife does not necessarily mean you have become its employee. Instead, you will be an independent distributor who has partnered with SuperLife business.You set your own working hours and you get to engage with your clients freely, leveraging on the online system created by SuperLife, to push its products and business model, in exchange for an array of bonuses payable to you.

4. Is network marketing a pyramid scheme?

People often ask me whether SuperLife network marketing is a pyramid scheme or not.

No, it is not.

Put simply, pyramid schemes identify with the following features;
• there is NO product or service being provided
• promises of large earnings with little effort e.g put in $50 today and get $100 in the next 2 days.
• pyramid schemes are illegal

Examples of pyramid schemes include Beven Capital, Elamant, Money-In Crew etc

SuperLife is a fully structured business which enables its partners to provide products (items of real value) in exchange for money, as is the norm in any conventional business setup.


SuperLife is a 4-years-old company that is recognized for its stem cell therapeutic superfoods. With its core business as a multilevel marketing and direct selling company, its businesses are conducted under strict rulings and business etiquettes. Working alongside local authorities around the globe and its Switzerland partner Mibelle Group to produce superfoods, have made SuperLife’s business reliable and grow with strong expectations.

Building trust and reliability with leaders and consumers is what makes the business soar sky-high. The company has adopted an advanced system to allow consumers and leaders worldwide to operate their back-offices through a global app. SuperLife hopes to create not just a localized operation ground but to expand on a global scale as well.

2017 Won the Honorary ASEAN Master Class Award in Healthcare Supplement Excellence
2018 Won the Honorary Stevie Award – Startup of the Year
2019 Won the Honorary ESQR Quality Choice Award
2020 Won the Honorary The Brand Laureate SMEs Best Brands of the Decade Award


  1. Real-time bonus payments
  2. Generous and luxurious incentive programs
  3. Structured training programs for new entrepreneurs and members
  4. Efficient supply chain management to ensure seamless product distribution
  5. Global mobile app to conduct international business with integrated online e-payments
  6. Collaboration projects with top and leading research institution to discover health and wellness breakthrough

SuperLife believes that adapting to challenges promptly will put it ahead of its competitors. The company’s young and enthusiastic go-goers have ensured the company moves with the changes of the business environment to produce quality products and service to clients.

Our aim is to evolve the network marketing industry in a positive manner, and create a healthy entrepreneurship culture throughout the world. We focus on health products which treats various health conditions on our power and proven marketing platform. SuperLife aims to transform the lives of our members for the better, where they can leave a legacy for the future generations.


Today SuperLife is an international company and we have localized operations in more than 73 countries at the moment, while we are actively expanding into many new markets. By working closely with the authorities in each country, we always ensure that our products and business adhre to all legal requirements. We are working diligently to ensure that payments systems are well-established in every country and members will have ready access to products. We strive to create localized operations on a global scale, where the operations will be seamless in every country, and all members will have an established and effective platform to build a global business network with SuperLife.

SuperLife emphasizes on product quality and R&D and we collaborate with leading research institutions to produce organic foods and supernutrients which help prevent various health conditions. Then, we bring these highly effective and clinically proven products to the global market through our powerful marketing platform.

With one-third of the world’s population on social media, SuperLife understands it needs to continuously strengthen social media engagement while ensuring our system is competent, smooth and convenient in order to stay ahead of the curve. SuperLife aims to revolutionize the whole experience of network marketing, making it an enjoyable and interactive career through our mobile app.

In a short span of 6 months, SuperLife achieved Most Outstanding Category in ASEAN Business Award 2017, one of the most prestigious business award within ASEAN region. The rapid growth of SuperLife is unprecedented in the network marketing industry; to date, SuperLife has successfully expanded into more than 40 countries. All these is made possible with competent management, sound leadership and loyal distributors who share the same vision with SuperLife.

Lai Tek Kean, the CEO of SuperLife is an affluent entrepreneur in Malaysia and believes that character is more important than intelligent in success. He came from family of 11 siblings; his parents worked odd jobs to support the family. Ken Lai worked hard to fund his own education and graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), also known as Malaysia National University with a degree in Political Science. Right after his graduation, he started his career in the insurance and personal finance industry. He worked very hard to prove himself and got promoted to the Group Sales Manager level within a short span of 3 years. With the experience he amassed, he truly understood the need of distributors in network marketing industry, and strive to alleviate the pain and frustrations that most people encounter within the industry. He then founded SuperLife World along with other co-founders.


Prospecting is the heart and soul of network marketing. Without prospecting, you won’t have anyone to sponsor in your business. Most network marketers fail because they don’t prospect and they don’t create a prospect list.

A prospect list is a list of names (at least a 100 people) that immediately pops up in your head when someone asks you, “Who among your family and friends do you think might be interested in the business you’ve just joined?” Religiously update this list every day so you contact these prospects, set an appointment, and present the business to them. If you don’t have a prospect list, create one now.

So you’ve invested a hundred or so dollars in joining in this network marketing business and you think that the entry fee is the only money you’ll shell out, right? Wrong. What you paid was only the initial investment. To succeed in network marketing (the same goes in any other business), you need to shell out more than money.

Most network marketers fail because they don’t make time to attend to the business and they don’t invest additional money in improving themselves, to streamline their prospecting system, and to build their team. In short, they lack commitment to the business.

Most of us enter network marketing with an employee mindset. Or some of us treat the business as a part-time job rather than a full-time business. For a business to grow exponentially, it needs the undivided attention of its owner. This also applies to network marketing. A lot of networkers quit because they have little or no income coming from the business, but the question is did they give it their 100/%?

Most of us join network marketing for one main reason: to make big money. If financial freedom was not part of the equation, we wouldn’t have joined this business. The mistake many people make is to set their sights purely on the monetary gains.

Most network marketers fail because they are too income-driven. They are impatient and want to start earning big money right away. They see prospects as walking money and not as potential team members. The beauty of network marketing is one cannot succeed without helping others succeed first.

Many employees are miserable in their jobs because they aren’t excited. When they wake up in the morning, they groan “damn this job” instead of affirming that “this is going to be the best day ever.” Many people quit their jobs and venture into network marketing because of how miserable they are in their jobs.

Once you start your journey as a networker, you have to constantly remind yourself of the reason you joined this business. You have to be excited about your goals, you have to exude the energy you want others to feel. Remembering your WHY will be your resolve. Think of that reason every morning, because that will fuel your enthusiasm and excitement. That is what will keep you in the game when you are faced with challenges.

When you first rode a bike or drove a car, you were kind of scared, right? The first time you fell off the bike, or nearly crashed your car, you started having thoughts like, “I don’t think I can do this…”

With continued practice, however, you got the hang of it and now it seems like a natural skill. Network marketing is like that; you won’t succeed right away. There will be bumps in the road and you will fall down, but don’t get discouraged and give up. Remember, quitters never win and winners never quit!

A NO of your freinds and relatives won’t stop the giant in you!
Keep moving and believing in yourself and you will succeed, I assure you!

Don’t entertain Discouragement. Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality .Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny .Stay committed to your decision, but stay flexible in your approach. Born to inspire and give hope to someone who almost lost hope in life.

A lot of people will never believe in you simply because they don’t see your Vision, never ever stop because of what other people are saying to you, the truth is most people do not believe in strong and extraordinary Visions, that’s why you will experience a lot of resistance, a lot of discouragements from most of the people around you including your friends and family and that’s so normal because every person who has made to the top has gone through all of that
Hold onto your Vision, see it happening and fight hard towards making it happen
After you winning even those who never believed in you they say we prayed for you


Cancer is a disease which some of the body’s abnormal cells grow and multiply uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. 

Any part of the human body can be attacked by cancer,
The body has trillions of cells. Normally human cells grow and multiply through a process called Division, forming new cells needed by the body.

Everyday some normal cells get damaged and some die and are replaced. When abnormal cells and damaged cells abnormally start multiplying uncontrollably than normal cells do, they form tumors(cancerous tumors)

Cancerous tumors spread into, or invade, nearby tissues and can travel to distant places in the body to form new tumors (a process called metastasis).

Note: some types of cancer do form a solid tumor/malignant some do not


Cancer is caused by alot of factors which includes:
Inherited genetic mutations
Chemical compound exposure
Exposure to certain pathogens and viruses..etc


Generally the sings and symptoms of cancer vary depending on the type of cancer and the part that’s affected,some symptoms include:

Lump or area of thickening that can be felt under the skin

Weight changes, including unintended loss or gain

Skin changes, such as yellowing, darkening or redness of the skin, sores that won’t heal, or changes to existing moles

Changes in bowel or bladder habits


Persistent cough or trouble breathing


Persistent indigestion or discomfort after eating

Persistent, unexplained muscle or joint pain

Persistent, unexplained fevers or night sweatsUnexplained bleeding or bruising

Unexplained bleeding or bruising


There are a good number of cancer treatment given to a petient depending on the stage and the type of cancer, which includes:
Hormone therapy
Targeted therapy
Stem cell therapy..etc

At present, the cancer treatment is targeted at its proliferation potential and its ability to metastasis, and hence the majority of treatments are targeted at rapidly dividing cells and at molecular targets that represent the bulk of the tumor. Although current treatments can shrink the size of the tumor, these effects are transient and sometimes do not improve patient’s survival outcomes.

The conventional therapies may shrink the size of the tumor; by contrast, if the therapies are directed against the cancer cells, they are more effective in eradicating the tumor.

Although the idea of the therapies focused on the cancer cells may look exciting, targeting the cancer cells may not be easy. The cancer cells are relatively quiescent compared to other cells, cancer cells are resistant to the toxicity of the anti-cancer drugs, which traditionally target the rapidly dividing cells

Cancer and STC30 Stem Cell

For years stem cells have been used in the replenishment of blood and immune systems damaged by the cancer cells or during treatment of cancer by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Apart from their use in the immuno-reconstitution, the stem cells have been reported to contribute in the tissue regeneration and as delivery vehicles in the cancer treatment. STC30 is a plant stem cell product that rejuvenate the body, repair and replace damaged cells, help in cell multiplication, awaken weak and sleeping cells, replicating good cell
A cancer patient taking STC30 should always make sure to take enough packs of STC30 as directed for a quick and complete healing, check out some testimonies of STC30 from cancer petients here

STC30; nature has always had the solution. It boosts immune system and safely eliminates cancer cells. Stc30 is one of the best cancer treatment so far on the market.

Health is life, stay Super Health at all times


Healing crisis is a temporary worsening of health problem symptoms after taking a food supplement treatment or Complementary and Alternative medicine, a detox process

As part of the healing process the body will begin to discard toxic residues which have build up in your body over the years. During the process of toxic elimination, your body will experience some of the uncomfortable signs and symptoms, and this is recognized as healing crisis, a cleansing process

When we increase our nutrients intake, the nutrients will react with the oxygen in the body. And this reaction actually promotes and stimulates the body organs to perform harder to do cleansing, eliminating, replacing old tissues with new tissues, balancing etc.
A petient may experience more skin rashes, more bowel movement, and this is a sign that the body is going through an intense detoxification process.

Some sings and symptoms of healing crisis/causes

Overall healing crisis is a sign that the treatment or supplement is working.
It is a process of natural healing and it is absolutely a good sign towards a real healing process.

Generally, healing crisis only happens on a healthy person as it indicates that your vitality is still strong enough to create a response on the biological changes during the healing process. However, when there is no healing crisis, it may be because either the person is toxins free and is on optimum well balanced health, or his/her vitality is too weak and the body is unable to go through any healing process

How long a healing crisis may last depends on the health condition, it may last 2-3 days, a week or a month

Sometimes a petient may start taking a supplement and finish without experiencing a healing crisis symptoms, but after a few months the petient will likely feel some changes (eg. Increase energy, better bowel movemet, etc.)

If a petient does not go through healing crisis process it can mean one of these:

  1. The petient did not consume the supplement regularly
  2. The petient did not follow the recommended dose (didn’t follow instructions)

4.Poor diet and life style

5.A chronic disease requires a longer period to recovery make sure to take get enough supplementsEmotional issues

6.Emotional issues

Tips for dealing with Healing crisis

So my fellow Superlife members when you are taking STC30 STEM CELL THERAPY and other Superlife World products and you feel the symptoms are getting worse know that’s part of your natural perfect healing

Stay super healthy!

Health is wealth, take care of your health at all times


Administering STC 30 the right way is important to have greater and positive results

Therefore Superlife World members should use and guide clients the right way


STC30 is taken in the morning and preferably on an empty stomach, the person/petient should sit on an upright position and pour the contents of one satchet of STC 30 under the tongue ( some people do have difficulties to raise their tongue up so they will need help to make sure STC 30 is placed under the tongue)

Wait for 10-15 minutes as STC 30 dissolves under the tongue ( at this time STC 30 enters the blood streams through the sublingual glands)
STC 30 has a sweet flavor and dissolves quickly

After STC 30 has fully dissolved take alot of water
Then wait for one hour before taking any food

Through-out the day a petient should take alot of water to keep the body hydrated, at least two liters of water per day

STC 30 can be taken together with other medication
If a petient is on other medication he/she should take the medication one hour after taking STC30

Avoid alcohol and smoking while taking STC 30, but in a case of difficulty avoid alcohol and smoking an hour before and after taking STC30

STC 30 is to be taken by a person who is three years and above, and to children it’s half satchet per day

If there is a chronic health condition that needs adimition of STC30 to a child less than three years, consult your medical practitioner for guidance first


There is a tendency of putting STC 30 in the mouth and immediately swallowing it due to it’s sweet flavor, this affects results as the digestive system will neutralise and the liver metabolise it when swallowed

Do not force STC 30 to dissolve when it’s under the tongue as you would do to a toffee,sit still and comfortably allow it to dissolve, STC30 dissolves quickly

It is advised to avoid talking when STC 30 has been placed under the tongue, STC 30 is in powder form a petient may likely spill it out when talking

Some clients get tired of taking two liters of water through out the day while they are taking STC 30 stem cell therapy, this affects the results
Water is to keep the petient body hydrated and also helps in detoxification process, STC 30 maximize detoxification process, not taking water through-out the day negatively affect the detoxification process and results. Taking alot of water through out the day is a must!!

Health is wealth, take care of your health at all time!



Building a Legacy for Our Future Generation

SuperLife World is a Multi-Level Marketing company founded and legalised in Malaysia with AJL License number AJL 932196 by Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism.

Mr Lai Tek Kean founder of Superlife World company

Superlife World CEO and founder is a visionary man called Mr Lai Tek Kean, a graduate of National University of Malaysia (NUM), and he has more than 25 years experience in Financial planning industry



In 2018 Superlife World received International Business Award- Stevies
SuperLife won the ESQR Quality Choice Award Gold Category 2019 in Berlin, Germany.
The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize, run by the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR), recognises top companies and organizations, which excel in delivering their products & services and continue to push the limits of Quality with innovations
awarded “The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands of The Decade Award Wellness Health Supplements 2020”.

It is a global award that acknowledges the achievements of outstanding brands


Superlife World company has four health products that have been scientifically proven to be effective. Superlife products can reverse and completely heal more than 200 diseases including the chronic ones like cancer, Stroke, diabetes, fibroids, hepatitis,High Blood pressure,Low blood pressure, Asthma etc. Superlife products have produced countless positive testimonies from clients around the world

Here are the four products of Superlife World company:



Superlife world has four membership registration packeges, you choose the one you are interested with. The registration packege you choose determine the amount or level of payments you will be receiving from the company. The higher the registration packege the bigger the payments


STARTER PACKEGE: $70 ( One pack of STC30)

STAR PACKEGE: $140 ( Two packs of STC30)

SUPREME PACKEGE: $650 (10 packs of STC 30)

SUPER PACKEGE: $1250 (22 pack of STC30)

After choosing a package and fully registered with Superlife World, your are exposed to eight ways of earning stipulated in the company’s compasation plan;


1:Retail profit
2:Direct sponsor/referral bonus
3:Pairing bonus
4:Spill over bonus
5:Key in bonus
6:Gift points
7:Unilevel bonus
8:Rank bonus


After registration a shipment of products for a new member is sent.
A member is at liberty to sell and make a profit or use the products himself. Selling of products is optional
A pack of STC 30 in many countries is sold at $100 on retail


Apart from sellin products if you want to make more money with Superlife World business all u need to do is PROMOTE/SHARE/INTRODUCE Superlife World Company products or the business opportunity to others… family and friends or even on social media platforms eg ( WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc)

For every member you introduce you will earn a bonus (direct referal bonus) based on the number of products the one invited has started/registers with.

Below is a more detailed explanation:

Direct sponsor bonus for Stater packege

STATER MEMBERSHIP PACKEGE here is how you will be paid when you invite and register someone;









Superlife World has a binary compasation plan, registered members are requested to invite two people, one is placed on the right side in the system and the other one on the left

When a member invites two people (on the left and right side) he/she will get the direct sponsor bonus from the two he invited, and because he has managed to get two people he will be paid a Pairing bonus ( the person on the left and right side make a pair)

Now an upline job is to support,train and help the two he/she invited to get their own two people, and when they invite their two people the upline will be making pairs and getting paid the Pairing bonuses.
Meaning as the team grows the pairs grow and earnings grow (team work is paramount in Superlife World)

Below is an illustration of Pairing bonuses of the four registration packeges:

If you get started with Stater packege and introduce 2 people who also get started with Starter Packege,you have will earn $12×2 for each person as Direct Sponsor bonus and you will earn $8 for every Stater Packege pair that comes under you
This will continue as your team is growing the more pairs and money you make
If you get started with Star Packege and introduce 2 people who also get started with Star Packege,you have will earn $30×2 for each person as Direct Sponsor bonus and you will earn $18 for every Star Packege pair that comes under you
This will continue as your team is growing the more pairs and money you make
If you get started with Supreme Packege and introduce 2 people who also get started with Supreme Packege,you have will earn $140×2 for each person as Direct Sponsor bonus and you will earn $72 for every Supreme Packege pair that comes under you
This will continue as your team is growing the more pairs and money you make
If you get started with Super Packege and introduce 2 people who also get started with Super Packege,you have will earn $348×2 for each person as Direct Sponsor bonus and you will earn $180 for every Supreme Packege pair that comes under you
This will continue as your team is growing the more pairs and money you make
NOTE: The Pairs continue to infinity and the amount of pairing bonus a member gets paid depends on the package the new registered member has registered with


This bonus is earned when a downline sponsors/registers a higher packege than he is; example if a member registered with STAR PACKEGE ($140) and directly sponsors a SUPER PACKEGE ($1250) he/she will earn $80 out of the $350 he was supposed to earn if he was on the same Super Packege, the remaining $270 spills over to his upline if he is a Super Packege member. If the upline is on Supreme Packege($650) will earn $160, and the rest spills over to the next upline until the whole $350 is distributed and earned among the uplines


A member earns this bonus when he successfully processes the registration for a new member, he/she is paid 3% of the registration packege being registered


15% of every member goes to Gift Points E-wallet and it can be redeemed through various incentives a member chooses


This bonus is earned when a member has successfully placed 10 people under him/her (5 on the right and 5 people on the left) in the binary system, a monthly Unilevel bonus is paid in a member’s account


There are different leadership ranks and bonuses in SuperLife, based on a member’s cumulative income. If a member earn and attains a certain rank, he/she receives rank bonus

Superlife World Ranks

Anyone can work with Superlife World anywhere around the world;
Looking for a work at home business
Running other businesses but need extra cash
Stay at home mums etc..

You work with Superlife at your own free time

In Superlife World active team work determine your business success; we grow together and we earn together!

With Superlife World Life is Super!!



Superlife Immune Care(SIC) is another product manufactured by Mibelle Group(Biochemistry) of Switzerland one of the reknown research centers in the world and distributed by Superlife World company of Malaysia


SuperLife Immune Care boosts your immune system with a combination of ingredients such as:
Wild AFA
Snow Algae extract
Spirulina extract
Chicory fiber
Coenzyme Q10
Guarana extract
Vitamin B complex and
Mixed berries (blueberry, blackcurrant, raspberry and lingonberry).

These nutrients provide dietary support for the normal, healthy functioning of the immune system.

You will start to notice a difference in your immunity and resistance to diseases immediately after you start using SuperLife Immune Care.

Super-Life Immune Care has a very simple formula consisting essential ingredients that’ll give your body the best care it needs

The human body has a natural ability to resist almost all types of organisms or toxins that invaded the body which may cause damage to the body tissues and organs. This ability is called immunity.
As we age our immune response capability is gradually reduced, this makes us susceptible to infection

While some people age healthy, the conclusion of most studies show the elderly are most likely to contract infectious diseases and succumb to them in comparison with the younger ones

With dacedes of scientific and clinical studies, Superlife scientists have discovered and come up with a product called SIC

With two satchets of SIC per day, this product ultimate formula helps to enhance the body’s natural ability for a long term renewal and rejuvenation, ultimately strengthen the immune system and enlightening your days

Boost your immune system with SIC

Health is wealth, take care of your health at all times


Superlife Neurone Care

Apart from STC 30 (Superlife Total Care 30)and SCC (Superlife Colon Care) Superlife World company has another product called SNC (Superlife Neurone Care):


Marigold (the macular protective shield)
Lutein and ziaxanthin (the visual improving ingredient)
Ginkgo Biloba (the anti-inflammatory ingredient)
Concord grapes

As we grow older we all worry about having neurological disorders and most prominent disorders that keep folks on their toes are; Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

Study has found out that the burden of neurological disorders were seriously underestimated by traditional epidemiological and statistic health that only took into account mortality rates but not disability traits

Alzheimer and Parkinson’s diseases are the top two neurodegenerative diseases in the elderly and currently ranked as the third leading cause of death in the USA for older people

The most common feature of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases is the loss of connection of nerve cells in the brain
Neurons transmit different messages in the brain and from the brain to muscles and different parts of organs and to all parts of the body

As the brain cells become affected by pernicious plaque clumps, there is also a decrease in chemical messagers called neurotransmitters involved in sending messages or signals between brain cells

Overtime different areas of the brain shrink, the first areas usually affected are responsible for memories
While there are no cures to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases due to the complexity of neurological by nature, several medication and supplements approved by the US FDA are used to treat mild symptoms or progression of these diseases and also cancer cells

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It is also know to improve the immune system and boost the cell count and blood antioxidant levels
Boosting these natural killer cells and T-cells will sure to keep the immune system in good shape this being a good defender against cancer cells

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